Be still.



We’re busy. We’re always busy.

Our lives are filled. With work, friends, family. With commitments and responsibilities. We’re endlessly searching. For experience, health, wealth. For purpose and a sense of self. We’re seeking freedom. We’re seeking rest.

But in all our busyness, are we really free? Are we really at peace? Or really are we just trapped? Slaves to our discontent.

We live in a world of anxiety and stress. In a world where ‘I’ rules’ and God doesn’t. The world says ‘There is no God’. The world says ‘Know yourself’.

But what if we can’t know ourselves without knowing God? What if we can’t know God without knowing ourselves?

To a world defined by it’s busyness, God says ‘Be still, and know that I am God’.

There is more to life than busy. You, are more than busy.

Be still.


God is our refuge our strength and our shield
An ever present help
We will not fear though the earth gives way
And the mountains crash into the sea

There is a river who's streams will make glad
The city of our most high king
God is within her and she will not fail
Listen and hear the Lord say

Be still
And know
That I
Am God