SUNDAYS 8th → 22nd September

Share Life Sundays

Paul Grimmond will wrestle with our cultural obsession with busyness, and explore how we can know true freedom and real rest in knowing the true and living God.

Paul is speaking across all Cowan Road services (9am, 10.30am & 6.45pm).


Paul Grimmond
Moore College Dean of Students


8th september

Know freedom

In 1943 CS Lewis wrote a book called “The Abolition of man” in which he argued that the growing scientism of his day, while promising freedom, would actually produce slavery.

He predicted that if we chase logic or reason alone, that we would end up in a world controlled by the emotional choices of a select group of people.

Oddly, his description looks remarkably like the last 80 years of our history.

So where do we find true freedom? Is it really found in our pursuit of knowledge that promises freedom? Or, do we need truth that comes from outside ourselves? Something bigger than us?

15th september

Know rest

In Matthews gospel, Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.

Jesus says that He is gentle and humble in heart, and in Him we will find rest for your souls. But are we afraid that coming to Jesus will take all the fun out of life?

Or can true rest be found in being at peace with God, with those around us and with ourselves?

22nd september

Know God

How do we know where we stand with God?

For many of us, we read our relationship with God through circumstances. Are things going well, or are things going badly? We can be angry at God for pain in our lives, or ignore God when times are good.

But the bible speaks of an objective way of knowing God. In a truth and knowledge that stands firm no matter our circumstances.


Share Life Sundays at Family Church

James MacBeth will be speaking at 9:30 family church for the 3 Share Life Sundays.