FRIDAY 16th, 23rd & 30th August

Share Life Fridays

Take a look back at our 3 BIG Fridays for kids, teens, parents and carers.


4pm → 5.30pm


KidSpace is a great opportunity for kids in years 3-5 to build friendships, have fun and learn about God. 

KidSpace is a regular fixture on Friday afternoons. But, for our 3 Fridays during Share Life things will be a little bit, BIGGER.

Come and bring your friends to hear about our BIG God who made us, loves us and offers rescue for us through his Son Jesus. There will be BIG Bible talks, BIG activities, BIG afternoon tea and answers to some of the life’s BIG questions. 

6pm → 8.30pm

BIG Fridays

Our teen years are some of the most formative years of our lives. Often, it’s the time that we do some of our deepest searching in life.

Guest speaker, Jake Fitzpatrick, will challenge what it is we search for, and that ultimately the solution is not found in a what, but a who.

Let your teens go for 3 of the BIGGEST nights in the Christ Church St Ives Youth calendar. A time of energy, fun, and most importantly getting to know Jesus.

BIG Fridays is open to teens from years 6-12, with food, games, music and words from the Bible. If your teens have never been to a church event before, this is the one to be at!


For parents & carers


From 3.45pm

Cuppa and chats

After you’ve dropped your kids off to KidSpace, feel free to hang out and slow down. Have a cuppa on us and take a moment to chat and be still. We’ll also have a book exchange, so feel free to take a book, leave a book or even a moment to be still and read a book.


6.30pm → 8.30pm

Dinner and talks

After you’ve dropped your teens off to BIG Fridays, feel free to stay for dinner with some paella ($10 pp) and a series of talks on some of the issues that keep parents up at night—sex, tech and teen mental health. Dinner from 6.30pm. Talks start at 7.30pm. Supper from 8.30pm.


16th August

Beyond the birds & bees

Kingdomcity - Patricia Weerakoon - High Res -09652.jpeg

Dr Patricia Weerakoon

Sexologist, Sex Educator, Researcher and Therapist

Our children live in a sexualised environment. The age of first sexual activity and exposure to pornography is now in the low teens. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases in our youth rapidly increasing.

What is the role of the parent and family in sex education? Has the church a part to play? Why is it so important that parents take an early role in sex education?

Dr Weerakoon will look at the development of the teen brain and the significance of environment and parenting.

Come and explore the effect that media, magazines, peer pressure, drugs/alcohol and pornography are having in shaping our children’s sexuality and gender.

23rd August

Divided by devices


Fred Bretthauer

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

In a digital age that is more connected than ever, we've never been further apart. And family disputes involving the digital world have been impacting families more than ever.

Fred will explore the modelling of good digital citizenship, communication styles, building trust, avoiding unhelpful reactions, making agreements and creating a balanced digital home.

While Fred won’t be covering the more technical aspects of device use by our kids, or venture deeply into all the different platforms and the pitfalls, he will share some research and information on Problematic Interactive Media Use.

30th August

Teen mental health


Amy Wheaton

Clinical Psychologist

What are the pertinent issues confronting parents in regards to teen mental health and wellbeing?

Beginning with a look at the stats, facts and stories of the state of adolescent mental health in our local area, Amy will help us consider the cultural trends and factors responsible for the rise in these alarming new patterns.

See what we can do to protect our teens and instil a positive sense of wellbeing and resilience within a chaotic and ever-changing world.