20 OCTOBER → 10 November

Share Life Course

Jesus. Bringing life to the full.


Happiness is slippery. We grasp at it, and yet it comes and goes. So where is true contentment found?

Whatever your lifestyle or beliefs, join us for lunch over 4 Sundays starting on 20th October as explore what it means to have life to the full.

The Share Life course is a place you won't be judged. And you won't be asked to do churchy things like sing, pray or read aloud.

It's a mix of conversation and content. We don't want to download on you, but want to give you something to think and talk about.


12pm → 12.45pm


It will be casual with plenty of time to chat and enjoy some food with some interesting people. A great chance to be still.

12.45pm → 2pm


We’ll start with some discussion, then a talk from Elliot Temple followed by more discussion. Ask questions or listen to others. Say as much or as little as you like.