You are more than busy.

Be still.


Share Life Fridays

Let your kids go so you can be still.


Join us in August for 3 BIG Fridays.

Make it an afternoon with a cuppa and good company, while your kids play at Kidspace. Or make it a night with dinner and great talks, while you let your teens go at BIG Fridays.


Share Life Sundays

Know freedom. Know rest. Know God.


Join us in September for 3 special Sundays.

Our lives are filled. With work, friends, family, commitments and responsibilities. But in all our busyness are we really free? Are we really at peace? Or really, are we just trapped?


Share Life Course

Jesus. Bringing life to the full.


Join us in October and November over 4 wonderful weekends.

Happiness is slippery. We grasp at it, and yet it comes and goes. So where is true contentment found? Jesus said “I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.”